Gift of Choice

Speaker by Moutasem Al-Hameedi

Dec 19, 2012

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So one of the biggest gifts Allah has given us, Allah has given each one of us, is choice the ability to decide. The ability to choose which route you take the ability to choose what action to do, what steps to make, the ability to relate to things how to understand the world around you, yourself, people around you, events that take place all of this is a matter of decisoon your making decision at every single moment of your life.

But most of us most of us have given up this gift. And we let the society choose for us, we let our culture choose for us we let sometimes our friends and peers choose for us. We let our teachers choose for us, we let our parents choose for us. We let the tv choose for us, we let our politicians choose for us.

But on the Day of Judgement, you will deal with consequences of all those choices, whether you made them or let someone else take them for you. You will face the consequences on the Day of Judgement you will stand before Allah (swt) alone. Alone.

In some narrations the Prophet (saw) said: even a mother on the Day of Judgement will come to her son and she will say o my son. I held you in my womb 9 month, I looked after you I breast fed you and i stayed up all night just to look after you. I wasted my life and my years just for you to grow up and become independent, and you became independent and succesful. Now all what i want from you (thats on the Day of Judgement) my son.. she tries to draw his heart. Nearer by mentioning everything she did for him then she says o my son in exchange of all of this all want im asking for is one hasana one good deed one reward.

Just give me one reward from your records so i can be saved from the hell fire! Im just gonna secure a place in paradise thats all im asking of you. You know what. That son with all his respect and love for his mother, he says mom with all respect. The hasana your asking for, im more in need of it than anyone else, some other time mom.

On that day you will stand before Allah (swt) alone and you will be asked about every single decision. The women passing down the street that you looked at and you kept staring at will be brought to you live you could see it. The moment you were alone and did something wrong, the moment you took some haram money that doesnt belong to you, the moment you delt with riba, the moment you were backbiting someone slandering someone. That moment, just before that moment you had the ability to make a decision, either to engage in the sin or give it up and leave it.

But you made the wrong decision, and it will come to you that moment it will be placed and it will be manifested in front of your eyes. When your standing before Allah (swt) and He will ask you about it. The moment the adhan was called you know its time for the prayer and you didnt pray because you were enganged with something else. Anything, any of these worldly matters it will be brought to you and you will regret the decisions you made. When you listen to the whispers of shaytan, when you listen to the advice and social evidence of your friends, of your family, of your cullture and you just flew with the tide. That moment will be brought to you and you will be asked about it and you will feel so much pain about it.

The first moment of pain you’ll start to feel is the moment the Angels come to you and start dragging your soul out of your body.

The Farewell Sermon ᴴᴰ | Prophet Muhammad

Speaker Brother Phil

Dec 17, 2012

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This video is a dedication to Prophet Muhamamd (peace be upon him) and his Farewell Sermon (Khuṭbatu l-Wadā) that he delivered in the valley of Mount Arafat on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, 10 AH (March 9, 632).

Imagine the world’s best sermon given by the world’s best person. A final message to humanity ment to be shared to men and women like you and me. His last bit of advice that changed bilions of lives all he’s ever wanted for us to enter paradise. Facing his followers Muhammad (saw) said these wise words this is a simpler summarized version of this very famous sermon.

O people here… lend me an attentive ear for i fear that i will not be with you this next coming year. Listen with great care and spread this message to people everywhere take this information and bring it to all the world’s nations.

This part of the world during this time of the year is sacred and blessed. Same goes for the property of every muslim treated as a trust that you must return and protect. Dont hurt or do evil but do good to the people dont allow any fitna to come in between you.

Remember it is Allah Azawajal that you will return and be judged with deeds that you all have earned. Allah has forbidden usury as an interest received or paid. Anything in excess consider it waved or as Allah says consider war waged. Beware of the devil! His last hope to leading you astray with big things so he’ll try make you practice the small sins step by step until you reach all things.

Husband and wives be good to one another be mindful of each each others rights. Husband, treat your wives well for they are your best companions in this life. Wives dont befriend whomaver your husband disapproves or dislikes.

O mankind! Be sincere when you worship to Allah haste and be serious when it comes to Salah fasten Ramadan give part of your wealth in charity. Go for Hajj if it does cause financial harm to you or your family. All of mankind is from Adam and Eve your skin color doesnt make you better or worse.

Remember, the first recorded racist was and still is cursed. Your pioty and deeds are what make you superior but only Allah know this, since their all hidden in the interior. Remember! You will be questioned concerning your deed so please do not astray from the path of Islam after i leave.

O people! There will be no Prophet or Messengers after im gone. Any  new faith or practice after Islam will surely be wrong. O people! Hold on to the Quran and to my example which i perfected in every single way. Cling on to these two and you will never go astray being a Muslim is not just through Monday and Friday, weekends off, its every single day.

O People! Pass on this message throughout all the lands. May the last one to hear it truly be able to understand. Ya Allah! Be my witness that iv’e conveyed the message of Islam. And we as Muslims we need to obey our orders make Islam rich beyond our borders and realize why we pray shoulder to shoulder.

JazakAllahum Khair.

Famous Scholar Was Alcoholic ᴴᴰ | Touching Story

Dec 16, 2012



He was an alcoholic, he was addicted to alcohol. He had no education whatsover no manners whatsover

He was one of the worst people, the worst youth in his community, in his town.

And one day, he was drinking alcohol with a group of his friends, he was the only one who would hold the bottle on his hand in public and drink.

This is how shameless he was this is how his level of morality he had at the time. So he saw that group of people gathering around one man who was on his donkey. A huge number of people gathering around him, they seem to respect him speak to him and everyone wanted to converse with him.

So that created some curiosity he wanted to know who this man is and why these people are soaking to speak to him. So he went there and he came close to that man and he stopped the donkey. And he said who are you? This is how shameless he was, its that kind of character that he was. Who are you? People around said; this is Ashabi.

This is Imam Ashabi, he said who is Ashabi? Anyone doesnt know Imam Ashabi? Thats the famous scholar of Hadith, no one doesnt know him? You dont know Ashabi? He said who is Ashabi? What does he do? They said he’s a Muhadith He’s a scholar of Hadith. Narrates the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

He says what does that mean?

What does it mean to be Muhadith? They told him he’s someone who narrates the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). He memorizes it, he teaches it, thats what he does he said ok if you are a Muhadith then narrate one Hadith for me give me a Hadith.

Now this Imam and thats how the people of knowlwdge should be. He could read the situation and he could read that man so he wanted to give him something suitable for him. So he narrated a Hadith to him from a companion Abu Masud Al-Badri (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Reported a Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (saw) that he said: If you dont have shyne’s if you dont have this quality of bashfulness (modesty). Then you can do whetever you wish, because there’s nothing to stop you from doing shameless things. That moment the heart of this man was open so the word went straight into his heart. And after that he decided to change, he decided to change his whole life so he left his past behind and he went to the famous Imam Malik ibn Anas the Imam of Madina.

He went to him and he studied under him and he learned Hadith from Imam Malik and this man this very man who was an alcoholic is the teacher of Al-Bukhari and Muslim. He became the teacher of al-Imam Bukhari and Muslim. He’s Name is Abdullah ibn Maslamah al-Qa’nabi, famous, one of the most famous scholars of Hadith was an alcoholic. Was someone who had no manners whatsover no respect for anyone that he would drink alcohol in public. And when he studied for long years under Imam Malik he said I need to see the person who was the reason for me coming to this way, to guidance. So he decided to travel to al-Basrah where Ashabi was.

So he goes there, as soon as he arrives He finds out that Imam Ashabi had already past away.

Destroyer of Desires

Speaker by Shady Alsuleiman

Dec 13, 2012

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SAW he said: “Constantly talk about the destroyer of desires”

The destroyer of desires they said: O Messenger of Allah and what is the destroyer of desires.

Whats this thing that you call as the destroyer of desires that you recommend us that we constantly remember. Continue reading

A Letter to Mom | Mother in Islam *Emotional*

by Imam Zaynul `Abidin

Dec 11, 2012

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And ladies and gentlemen as you know in Al-Islam

The obedience of the Mother superdeeds that of the Father Presedes that of the Father, its in Al-Islam.

As the Prophet (Saw) says to this man, As reported by Bukhari, Muslim. When he came to him.

Who should be my best companion Ya Rasool Allah? My best Friend? My Closest companion? And then the Prophet says: Your Mother. Whos next? Your Mother. Whos next? Your Mother. And then the Prophet says “Your Father”.

You know what this kid did?

He wrote a letter to his mom.

Mom, I cleaned my room today, $10.

I took the garbage out $5.

I shoveled the snow $15.

I did the dishes $20.

So and so.. and then at the end the total whetever the total was.

The Mother took the same piece of paper flipped it on the side, and then she wrote.

I carried you in my womb for 9 months.

Burried all the pain, free of charge.

When I gave birth to you, I felt so much pain, terrible pain I was screaming giving birth to you, free of charge.

When you were a baby, I used to feed you first before feeding anybody else even before feeding myself, free of charge.

When you used to get sick, I used to nourish you.

Stand the whole night with you criying before Allah making Dua for Allah to give you Shifa (healing), free of charge.

And at the end she says total.. LOVE..

Your Mother.. Your Mother ..


Mercy Of Allah

Belal Assaad

Dec 10, 2012

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It is reported in one of the hadiths that a man will be brought to the scale on the Day of Judgement.

And he has done deeds as far as your eyes could see, the Angels carry his deeds and their about to be placed on the scale.

Sizes of mountains of good deeds, and when they are placed.

Continue reading