Simbol Cinta

Cinta yang kamu beri sepadan dengan cinta yang kamu dapat. Begitu sekiranya kutipan kalimat John Lennon.

Yogyakarta merupakan sebuah tempat hidangan bagi para pemburu kenangan.
Di persimpangan jalan tentu banyaklah kita bertemu dengan seseorang. Ada yang bercegkerama asiknya. Ada yang berdiri memandang langit. Ada banyak yang tersenyum riang. Semua berhamburan saling pandang cerita cinta.

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HAIM the band, “Badass Girl Band”

Danielle, Alana , Este

Este, Alana, Danielle (source : Fact Magazine)


I’m SUPER LOVE with These girls.

FAB Three Girl band.

Go Worldwide Beatles girls.

Today I decide to wrote about HAIM sisters. I do not has experiences yet to see HAIM in the real live show, someday I hope so, watching them live show. This half of the contents is not mine. I discovering HAIM on youtube, Instagram, Magazines, and some Fans.

Firstly, I fall in love with HAIM when I saw the second single of Album Something To Tell You “ Little of Your Love ” 4 month ago and I really excited. Their musics are so unique in this era, I mean not much band is not kind like them. And I start to try discovering HAIM in their live show. Well they are so damn “HOTTEST” Girl Band on the stage, I’ve ever know.

HAIM members are Danielle Haim , she is a lead guitarist and vocal, Este Haim she is a bassist and got name “Bass Face” and Alana Haim she is youngest and cutest of three sisters.

Danielle is more experiences than her sisters, because she has been experienced tour with Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablancas The Strokes lead singer. When Danielle in 15 years old she has a band with Este called “Valli Girls”.


Without Alana just Este and Danielle in this band (source : ohnotheydidnt.livejournal)

Valli Girls _Perfect Girl

Beside Valli Girls they formed family band with their parents Moti Haim and Donna Haim with the band called RockinHaim. They dropped Rockin and became HAIM  (with just the sisters in 2006) genre Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Indie , and RNB.

Here some videos of HAIM that I would like to recommend you :

  1. The Wire Live at Orange County The Observatory via razorstarzz

2. Let Me Go BBC 6 via Amanda

3. Go Slow iTunes Festival via Lausente

4. Night So Long (live at Greek) via Haim Vevo


Atlanta music.jpg

Alana, Danielle, Este (source: atlanta music)

Enjoy it.

Haim music : easy listening, music 80″, unique, scarcity, .Pop Rock

Haim personal : passionate, energic, stylish, talented, dressy, cutest, funny and prank.

God Bless You.


Source data : Wikipedia, Youtube, Google.